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Crannog is looking a little bit different this summer...

OPENING 1st August 12-9pm at Garrison West, Cameron Square, Fort William.

We are swapping the Town Pier for the Town Square, well for a wee Covid while anyway.

And we think you'll be getting the best of both our worlds - you get to sample our lovely sister restaurant in Cameron Square, and our Pier building receives some TLC in hopefully clement summer weather!


Enjoy the seafood and the best of GWest eats all on one menu - 

Bookings only - Sittings 90 minutes.

Ring 01397 701873 for bookings in the next 24hrs or email

Purists at heart

We only serve the freshest and best Scottish seafood, and are proud to serve it simply. 

Enjoy it from our red-roofed  restaurant on Fort William Town Pier, overlooking Loch Linnhe. 

Serving the freshest and best Scottish seafood since 1989
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